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Own an ATM network with an Investiment starting at U$ 50,000 to acquired ATM machines, installed and fully operational.

All costs related to the operation are only charged when there are transactions (there are no fixed costs). The ROI for the first year is minimum 8% Net.

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ATM Club

With headquarters in Florida, ATM Club is a Company specialized in the development and management of ATM network machines in the United States.

Founded by two Brazilians entrepreneurs, the ATM Club was created with the purpose of helping businessmen and investors from other countries to have their own business in the United States, safely and without bureaucracy, in an industry with great potential for growth.

When thinking about investing in American soil, the most common options are investment funds, properties or some franchises, but the option of investing in ATM machines, in addition to being more innovative, has obtained excellent results with very low risk.

How it Works

Through ATM Club, the investor becomes the owner of an ATM network, receiving commissions for each withdrawal. When a person withdraws money at an ATM, they pay an average fee of US$ 2.99 per withdrawal.

30% of this fee is transferred to the location where the ATM is installed, around 25% used for maintenance and administration services and the remaining value is for the investor. Owner of the ATM will receive daily $1.34 per transaction.

(*) Working capital provided by the investor for electronic cash dispensing

Core Features

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Lucrative Investment

This investment opportunity can offer a strong double-digit cash flow return and provide tax free income through depreciation.

Investment Benefits

  • Strong double-digit cash flow.
  • Ownership of real assets.
  • Resistant to recession.

Connected 24/7

Track online your ATM performance whenever and wherever you want.

Rock Solid Security

We have implemented several security protocols for the operation and management of.

Where we are

ATM Locations

We have specialized partners that study the best ATM installation points around the United States. We are already present in cities like Orlando, Miami, New York, New Jersey and San Francisco and we continue to expand.

And for the experienced investor, we can seek to negotiate routes with high transaction performance.

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+8% Roi

ATM Club’s investors usually get a minimum of 8% Net of Return of Investment for the first year and this percentual can improve year by year.

"ATM Club and the performance of our investment definitely met our expectations. We trusted them with our eyes closed and we are not disappointed. The entire staff is nice, patient and really professional from Francisco and Nilo the founders to Paula the manager, Patricia the consultant. Paula is really proactive and responsive. They even go beyond their area of expertise if they can to help us. Their professionalism enabled our investment to be satisfactory even during the crisis. I would recommend them with no hesitation.

Sebastien Endeler

"In March it will be 3 years we invested and we are really happy. Sales are increasing every year, not the case in most, if not all, investment products and very low maintenance costs. "

Patricia A.

"ATM Club was a pleasant surprise from the beginning, presenting us with a serious and transparent business and always clarifying doubts that arose. Gratitude for being our partners and making our business dream in the USA possible."

Fabiana Nakano Wada

600k Happy Customers

More than 600k customers have already used the terminals managed by ATM Club.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the warranty period for the machines and what does it cover?
The warranty is for one year. It covers any equipment defective problems with the machine. After this period, the investor may extend the term of the warranty or bear the costs on eventual problems of ATM operation.
How can I track the performance of my ATM network?
The investor can monitor your network, through a software, in real time from any country. Just need to be connected to the internet.
Who is responsible for the cash supply of ATMs?
Can I add insurance for my machines?
Yes, there is an insurance against vandalism that can be added separately.
What is the annual percentage return on the amount invested?
For machines without transaction history, in the first year, the return is around 8%, in the second year 10% and already in the third, around 1% a.m.
How is my revenue paid?
The amount is automatically transferred to your bank account until the 10th of the following month.
Is there any additional cost beyond the initial contribution (machine value + working capital)?
There are no other costs, the business has no monthly fixed cost, as the whole chain receives by transaction (investor / Atm Club / owner of the site).
When working capital ends inside the machine, how is it replaced?
This amount is circulating inside the machine or in the bank account. All the amount withdrawn returns to this account. When we identify that the machine is low cash, we schedule replenishment. We do all the business management!

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